Trader Joe’s + Wellness & Nutrition

A microsite created to help you improve your nutrition and mental health.



Research , Strategy, Concept Ideation, UX/UI


Lauren Padula- XD
Anika Grube- Research Julian Catasus y Brueggemann- Prototyping

Tools used

Sketch, Invision, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator


Trader Joes



Diet is playing an increasingly important role in the mental health and well-being of individuals in westernized societies. Based on your lifestyle Trader Joe’s wants to help you to improve your nutrition and your overall well-mental-being by using Nutritional Psychology.

the Challenge

This project was to define a content marketing strategy for Trader Joes and its execution, which includes content development and UI/UX design.

Artboard – 11.png


Trader Joe’s is known as a small locally source food chain that focuses on food and we want to separate it from its competitors

Artboard – 10@2x.png


Food and the appropriate daily nutrients greatly impacts our health. Not just in a physical manner, but also in a mental matter. Based on your personality and lifestyle Trader Joe’s wants to help you to improve your nutrition and your overall well-mental-being.


Trader Joes will use nutritional psychology to bring awareness to the relationship of how nutrients affect mood and behavior.



Artboard – 3@2x.png


Amanda, 25 Executive Assistant

Amanda is an executive assistant that lives with her cat and 2 roommates in Queens. She enjoys good coffee and doing crossfit on the weekends. She loves going to music venues and finding new artists to listen too.

Goals- Find balance with her schedule and personal life.
Needs- Natural ways to deal with her mental stress.

Motivations- To enjoy life and be successful. Experience great music shows and seeing her favorite musicians perform.

Frustrations- Slow people and bad coffee. Terrible music venues and wasting time.


Amanda loves food and enjoys supporting locally sourced food businesses. She is interested in alternative avenues for self-care and wellness. Amanda feels very stressed out recently as she started a new position. In the evening, while trying to relax, she and stumbles upon a mental health and food fact from Trader Joe’s while scrolling through her Instagram feed. Driven by curiosity, she clicks on the ad and lands on the homepage (1) which gives her a general overview and encourages her to create her own journal. She gets curious and decides to learn more about Trader Joe’s mission (2) and eventually decides to sign up (3), and to create her own Mental Nutrition Journal (4). Amanda answers the questionnaires (5,6,7) to discover more about herself, and she gets surprised by the results (8). In the next step, she reads along the list of suggested products (9) for her lifestyle. She decides to research more about mental health (10) and general eating habits (11) that will affect her lifestyle positively.



Please note: This classroom project was created for the course “CT300 Typography for Digital Content Design”.  This is purely for educational purposes and I do not claim any textual information and/or photos.